Professional Mold Solutions Home Armor
About Mold Armor®

Our company is dedicated to providing professional mold remediators, builders and facility managers with the resources required to safely and effectively solve mold problems. We are a single source for commercial-grade fungicides, cleaning solutions, equipment, protective gear and mold testing — and a repository for knowledge, advice and best practices in mold remediation.

Mold Armor® is brought to you by W.M. Barr, a leader in specialized home improvement products.  As such, our efforts are focused on supporting commercial mold specialists. If you have any questions or we can serve you in any way, please give us a call at (866) 370-2499.

  Adhesion promoters and surface prep for paint and body industry   Safer paint stripping products Moisture absorbing products
Removes the tough messes that ordinary household cleaners can't Powerful mold stain removers, blockers, and leak repair products for all areas around your home Premium removers and paint-related products
Removers, thinners, solvents and heavy-duty cleaners Automotive products that stick better, strip faster, and clean harder Products that are better for the environment
Marine-strength paint removers Superior professional mold control products Advanced water beading technology for superior waterproofing
Powerful solutions to prevent & clean rust stains and fertilize your lawn    

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