For well over half-a-century, W.M. Barr has been building a portfolio of products that meet the needs of both the consumer and commercial marketplaces.  As a result, our brands are among the most widely recognized and respected in their categories…and our company has become the largest national manufacturer of solvents, removers, fuels, cleaning, and surface prep products.

Mold Armor® is brought to you by W.M. Barr, a leader in specialized home improvement products. Mold Armor® continues to offer you a complete array of products designed specifically for your unique mold & mildew stain challenge, no matter the surface, indoors and out.  From bleach-based removers that work instantly, to mold blockers that keep mold away for months, all without scrubbing, you can count on Mold Armor® for maximum cleaning power with minimum effort.